Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: Campus Tour

Levin Administration Building

The Levin Administration Building has a rich history and a charm that adds to the collegiate grace of the PCOM campus. Originally known as the Moss Estate, the house, along with 16 acres, was purchased by the College in 1957 to provide much-needed space for a new College and hospital. It was renamed the Administration Building in 1959 when, after extensive renovation by the College, it became the center of PCOM's City Avenue campus.

Built in 1910, the Tudor Revival–style Levin Administration Building was home to Frank H. and Anna Moss, who lived in the house with their seven children and numerous servants. The house was remodeled in 1928 and renovated extensively in 1958. Additional renovations to the first floor took place in 1997, in time for the College's 1999 Centennial Celebration.

On May 2, 1998, the building was dedicated by then PCOM Chairman of the Board Herbert Lotman and his wife Karen, whose maiden name is Levin, to honor her family of PCOM graduates. Portraits of Abraham Levin, DO '35; Samuel Levin, DO '35; Jacob Levin, DO '36; and Joel Levin, DO '69, hang in the building's lobby.

The Levin Administration Building houses the Office of Alumni Relations and Development and the Office of Marketing and Communications.